Braised lamb shanks in a red wine sauce for winter weekends

Enjoy some hearty classic stew dishes this winter. Try these rich braised lamb shanks in a red wine sauce with your family this weekend.

Frozen mini jelly cheesecakes: Fun party time desserts

Enjoy some beautiful desserts at your next party. Try these fun frozen mini cheesecakes for a crowd-pleasing dessert that makes you smile.

CraftFest: A tummy filled with yummy

CraftFest is a chance to sip the latest craft beers or taste the best craft gins ‒ and some of the province’s best artisanal food.

Fancy peppermint crisp tart: It doesn’t get tastier than this

Impress your boss or family when you bring out a South African favourite dessert. This fancy peppermint crisp tart is perfect for those events.

WATCH: ‘Stop it’! Mango omelette recipe breaks the internet

Imagine before leaving for work, you get served an omelette for breakfast but it does not taste the same as you remember.

Say yes to comfort food with the latest Food digital magazine

The familiar warm embrace of an oven can provide our souls with a comfort nearly impossible to come by from anything else.

Chef Tamsin Snyman’s Cinnamon-roasted pumpkin recipe

This super simple recipe is from Chef Tamsin Snyman’s cookbook Tortoises & Tumbleweeds.

Garlic and peppercorn fillet: A simple yet beautiful dinner meal

Surprise your family with some restaurant-quality food when you make this garlic and peppercorn fillet steak for dinner, any day of the week.

Signs tinned food 'should not be eaten' and how to make it last 'indefinitely'

Tinned goods are known for their long shelf life but according to experts, they are still at risk of spoiling if stored incorrectly.

6 best beer dispensers so you can pour a draught pint at home

6 best beer dispensers so you can pour a draught pint at home - This is how to get beer on tap without going to the pub

7 best blenders, tried and tested for super-quick smoothies, sauces and nut butters

7 best blenders, tried and tested for super-quick smoothies, sauces and nut butters - Our experts review the best handheld, vacuum and jug style blenders for all your kitchen duties

Ready to get away to Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is famous for its great-tasting fine wine as there are numerous vineyards scattered throughout the city. Visitors will surely love learning more about the process of winemaking as well as sampling a few glasses of wine. Explore more about these beautiful destinations on Microsoft Travel. Whether you’re looking solo travel, mountain treks, ...

Irish Rover cocktail: A rich porter drink for winter evenings

Have a rich experience when you try the Irish Rover cocktail. It's a beautifully simple and substantial whiskey and porter drink for World Whiskey Day.

Love wine but can’t afford it? Here’s how to drink luxury for less

Love wine but can’t afford it? Here’s how to drink luxury for less - These affordable styles offer a powerhouse of flavour, without the high price tag, says Sam Wylie-Harris

Thrifty home chef praised for recipe that makes four meals for $9

A thrifty home chef has come up with a genius hack to make four delicious meals for less than $10.

Easy to make cocktail recipes to whip up this World Cocktail Day

World Cocktail Day is a day of celebration across the globe as mixologists and cocktail lovers alike come together over a flavour-infused tipple – often with a local twist.

WATCH: This mind-blowing hack shows salt shakers have hidden setting that makes cooking easier

While a salt shaker may seem pretty simple to use, one man was gobsmacked to learn that they have a secret feature.

Martha Stewart: The culinary queen’s rise to fame, unlikely friendships, and time behind bars

Martha Stewart: The culinary queen’s rise to fame, unlikely friendships, and time behind bars - As Martha Stewart becomes Sports Illustrated’s oldest cover model, Emma Loffhagen take a deep dive into the 81-year-old culinary legend’s decades in the spotlight

Winter cocktails that won’t have you slurring your speech

Top three cocktails you can try this season and not get you drunk.

Plaice with bacon and parsley butter recipe

Fish is probably the food most suited to cooking for one. You can pay attention to doing it perfectly. I ate this a lot during the summer last year while travelling in the north of Germany. There they also serve it with little North Sea brown shrimps on top, instead of (or as well as) the bacon. Timings Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 15 minutes Se...

Comforting meals to make before and when load shedding hits

Having no electricity does not mean you have to go hungry or settle for bread.

Avocado cocktails are currently trending! Here are 3 recipes you should try

Avocados are showing up in all sorts of cocktails, and what is more, they actually taste great.

World Baking Day: Here’s how to fix common baking mistakes

Whether you’ve always loved baking or it’s a brand-new hobby, there’s no shame in admitting that things can go wrong.

9 foods you should never store in the freezer

For freshness, taste & texture, you need to keep these foods out of your freezer

Cooking hack for barbecue food 'enhances' flavours and 'smells amazing'

Climbing temperatures and sunnier days make for the perfect conditions to host a barbecue. While everyone does them differently, there's an easy cooking hack anyone can use to instantly "enhance" the flavour of grilled food.

These New World sparkling wines give champagne a run for its money

We’re hugely lucky to have a wide range of decent sparklers on UK shop shelves – crémants from France and premium English sparkling wines now take their place among the luxury champagnes and party-pop proseccos. But there’s another sparkling style that is well worth a foray at this summer’s parties and celebrations – New World fizz. Most sparklers ...

Recipe of the Day: Coffee glazed cinnamon rolls [Video]

Make your home a wonderland when you make these coffee glazed cinnamon rolls for your family and have your favourite coffee on the side.

The demonised ingredient that's better for you than you might think

Salt is anything but a bland subject. As any dinner guest knows, it’s best to avoid politics, religion and adding extra salt to your host’s meal. Debate rages about what is too much and what is too little. Neither extreme is good for our health, studies have shown. Although the human body needs a tiny amount of sodium to function properly, today mo...

8 best slow cookers, tried and tested for delicious energy-efficient dinners

8 best slow cookers, tried and tested for delicious energy-efficient dinners - Dish up soups, stews and casseroles with these hard-working and energy-efficient slow cookers

Rum, sodomy and the lash: A cocktail to fight them all

You're in for a fantastic night when you invite your friends over for some great whiskey drinks, like this rum, sodomy and the Lash cocktail.

Chef reveals 6 ingredients you're throwing away that can be reused

The tips are courtesy of Kieran Duffy. He is head chef at York restaurant Forage Bar & Kitchen, which reuses and upcycles ingredients to create 'delicious menu dishes'.

10 best Scottish single malt whiskies to bless your home bar, tried and tested neat

10 best Scottish single malt whiskies to bless your home bar, tried and tested neat - From rich and full-bodied to fruity and sweet, wet your whistle with Scotland’s finest

13 best natural wines 2023, tried and tested by a connoisseur

13 best natural wines 2023, tried and tested by a connoisseur - Discover organic and biodynamic winemaking with these unadulterated tipples

Discover the secret ingredients of the perfect date night

‘It should be something different, not something you can get any day of the week, something you wouldn’t necessarily create at home,’ says executive chef Tyran Vaghi.

Cook jacket potatoes with ‘crispy skins' in 20 minutes in the oven with chef's spoon hack

Jacket potatoes are a hearty meal for lunch or dinner and they needn't take as long as you think if you follow Phil Vickery's teaspoon method.

The French are always going to be that little bit better than us – but my steak dish comes close

Sometimes I think we need to accept that with the best will in the world, the French are just always going to be that little bit better than us. I like a dig at nos amis gaulois as much as the next person, but after a weekend in Paris I’m prepared to give them their due. The clothes are less studied chic, more “we’ve always worn neutrals, catch up”...

This spicy seshebo recipe will whet your appetite on a cold day

Are you tired of regularly boiling, frying or poaching eggs? If yes, let us tell you that there are plenty of other ways to make eggs.

99p household item is the ‘easiest' method to ‘descale' kettles - just ‘pop it on to boil'

Limescale in kettles can make the water taste unpleasant which can impact the taste of food and hot drinks.

'Upside down' food storage solution keeps tomatoes fresh - and slows ripening

Tomatoes can spoil incredibly quickly due to their soft, moist texture, so storing them correctly is crucial to ensure they last as long as possible.

'We tested own brand tea bags from every supermarket and one brew stole the show'

When you're trying to make the perfect brew, it's important to review what you're adding to your cup. With this in mind, a reporter reviewed tea bags from Asda, Lidl, Aldi, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and M&S in the ultimate taste test

How to grill the perfect steak on the BBQ - 'quite possibly the best steaks ever eaten'

With the weather getting warmer it is time to think about your next barbecue party, and you can impress your friends with this simple recipe on how to grill the perfect steak.

King Charles enjoys a cocktail before dinner while Camilla has wine

King Charles famously starts his day with nuts and seeds. But there is another, essential, part of his diet that comes a little later in the day: a strong cocktail comprising gin and dry vermouth.

So how much salt should you put in the pasta water?

The often-cited benchmark that you should salt the water “until it’s as salty as the sea” is wrong.

Asparagus hollandaise fondue recipe

Not a traditional fondue, but truly delicious! Ever since the start of my career I’d been making hollandaise sauce in exactly the same way – basically simmering roughly chopped shallot in vinegar with tarragon stalks and peppercorns, then straining the liquid and throwing away the bits. That was until I discovered a new approach, thanks to chef Nei...

Curried pork chops with buttermilk and cauliflower sauce

Make some tasty and simple food this week. These beautiful curried pork chops with buttermilk cauliflower sauce will make you get seconds.

Celebrate Mother’s Day the right way with these delicious dishes

While you can’t go wrong with a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, it’s always more meaningful when you take the trouble to cook something for her.

Chef debunks common food pairing myths you should stop believing

While there is no single universal pairing that will suit everyone’s palate, it’s good to go into a foodie experience armed with knowledge.

‘Delicious' eggy bread takes just 10 minutes and ‘goes great' with a full English - recipe

Eggs and bread are two staple breakfast ingredients, so there's no quicker way to enjoy them than in the form of eggy bread. An avid food blogger has shared their ‘delicious' recipe anyone can try, and it takes just 10 minutes.

Pick the right herbs

When it comes to cooking, many of us worry about how many herbs we should add to our dishes, and which herbs go with a particular meal.

Gluten-free recipes for dinner and beyond

Cook up flavourful, gluten-free recipes with this ultimate guide!