Food and Drink


Milo muffins: Double chocolate softness with each bite you take

Uniquely flavoured with a taste every South African loves, these milo muffins will easily become a family favourite.

Fried hake: Your favourite crispy takeaway made in your own kitchen

Remember those days when you could buy steaming hot fish and chips folded neatly in a newspaper. This fried hake recipe will take you back to those days.

Golden fried prawns: Crispy seafood bites to kick off a three-course meal

Crispy and flavour-packed, these golden fried prawns are the perfect starter to serve to your guests. Try out this recipe!

Consumers warned to brace for higher maize and wheat prices

Consumers should brace themselves for higher food prices. Pioneer Foods says it'll become more expensive to fill your tummy.

Cape Town ranked 3rd best city in the world, but best for who?

Refilwe Moloto speaks to SA Cities Network's Kayla Hanna Brown, about what life is like for ordinary citizens in Cape Town.

Stats SA says tourism boosted trade at restaurants, takeaway outlets

Statistics from Stats SA showed that takeaway and fast-food outlets made increased profits in March this year compared with March last year.

Too much salt is bad for you

While salt is an important part of everyone's diet, here are some reasons why too much salt is not good for you.

Italian layered lasagna: Layers of classic Italian pasta goodness

There's nothing like a hearty lasagna enjoyed with the people you love. This winter, try our Italian layered lasagna recipe any day of the week.

WATCH: How a unique campaign helped those fasting for Ramadan avoid the aroma of KFC

The trio created KFC Ramadaan Redirect, a real-time Waze detour that helped those observing fast across South Africa avoid the irresistible aroma of KFC during Ramadaan.

Classic beef burgers followed by chocolate mousse pie: A recipe by chef Sinoyolo Sifo for a mouthwatering evening

With his new book, Sifo: The Cooking Husband, Sinoyolo Sifo’s goal is to break the gender stereotypes that surround male figures in the kitchen and encourage more men to cook.

A little corner of the Islands in Ballito

Attikos offers authentic Greek food and hospitality

Win tickets to the MasterChef SA reunion at The Plant Powered Show

The Plant Powered Show which takes place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from May 27 to 29.

RECIPE: Paneer simmered in milk and spices is a 'bowl of golden deliciousness'

This Kashmiri paneer recipe layers 10 spices and herbs in a sunshine-y broth.

Sage and sausage pappardelle with Loxtonia cider: Tasty winter pasta

Nothing beats pasta on a cold day. With this recipe, coat pappardelle in a rich sausage and sage ragu to ward off the chilliest of days.

Comforting cottage pie: A heart-warming winter meal for the family

Looking for that wholesome family meal that makes you happy during winter? A comforting cottage pie is filled with the fluffiest mash and meatiest filling.

Pumpkin seeds: Benefits and an easy way to include them in your diet

Feeling under the weather but not sure what to eat? Try grabbing a handful of pumpkin seeds.

An oxtail stew recipe to warm you this winter

This meal is suitable for all members of the family including babies.

Cape Coloured Congress threatens to instigate WC tourism boycott over gang war

Morning Review host Lester Kiewit chats to Cape Coloured Congress leader Fadiel Adams.

Cheesecake cups: Creamy dessert topped with passionfruit

Creamy cheesecake combined with the tart deliciousness of passionfruit! These cheesecake cups will have your guests swooning.

Tangy and sweet lemon meringue pie: The perfect end to any meal

Tangy & sweet lemon meringue pie is the treat you need with your favourite cup of coffee or tea. You can also feed the whole family with this sweet dessert.

Pros and cons of starting a diet: When should we watch what we eat?

It is always important to try eating healthy and not to go overboard with sugar and fried foods, but intense dieting can cause just as many problems if not done safely.

Africa to be severely hit by rising food prices - Agricultural economist

Speaking to Bongani Bingwa, Wandile Sihlobo says the African continent has some limitations in producing certain foods.

Rosebank’s The Grill Jichana offers memorable culinary experience as dishes are created with flair

Dishes are created with flair, flavoured with fragrant, heady spices, and prepared using the freshest ingredients.

Astral share price surges after a more than double increase in headline earnings on back of higher sales

The interim dividend was raised handsomely by 163 percent to 790 cents.

Confused about what to cook this week? Here are 3 easy, family-friendly recipe ideas

To take the guesswork out of your mornings and week nights, we share three easy recipes you should cook this week.

From farm labourer’s son to winery owner

What a motivational story! From being a child of a wine farm labourer, to becoming the owner of Klein Goederust Boutique Winery.

Choices you can make now for better health in old age

As greater numbers of humanity get to experience older adulthood, healthy ageing and a good quality of life are not guaranteed as part of the package. Here is what you can do to improve your chances to be a healthy elder.

Legal Talk: Are pet-friendly restaurants allowed?

Pippa Hudson speaks to labour law consultant Mike Bagraim about the legal implications of pet-friendly restaurants.

5 simple tips to help you make healthier choices when ordering in

Simple must-follow tips to eat healthy while ordering takeaways.

7 tips on how you can naturally detox your body

Detox diets are intended to help you get rid of toxins, which will enhance your health, and lose weight.

Classic peppermint crisp tart: The only dessert that really matters

A great dessert for a braai or tea time snack, this classic peppermint crisp tart will get you really excited to dig in. Mix, refrigerate and serve the goodness!

Hispanic eatery, La Boqueria, entices with delicious market-style food

The menu encapsulates delicious Hispanic market-style food, which leans toward sharing and feasting.

Dining solo is one of the great joys of travelling

No offence to your travel companions, but they're holding you back from a culinary journey.

#aTypicalInterview: Director Travis Taute on his love for ‘The Lord of the Rings’

Taute is popularly known for his work on the hit Netflix series Blood and Water, where he stars as an actor and is also a writer on the show.

Roasted butternut squash soup: Rich, aromatic winter soup

Warm up on a cosy winter's evening in front of a roaring fire with a bowl of roasted butternut squash soup. Try this recipe!

Mike Schüssler we are really, really going to miss you - The Money Show

Ray White pays tribute to highly respected economist and regular contributor Mike Schüssler, who passed away on Tuesday morning.

Local small-scale fishers suffer due to the extractivism of big corporates

The large-scale removal of natural resources from South Africa’s seas for sale on global markets may be profitable, but often comes at the expense of small-scale fishers. Members of affected coastal communities gathered in Cape Town on Monday to discuss the challenges and threats they face from extractivism.

Allure Group hosts another successful Italian-themed lifestyle event

It was beguiling, it was enchanting, it was charming: it was the second edition of THE SLOW LIFE concept, the event highlight from the last weekend of April in Gauteng. Where over 200 guests indulged in an extraordinarily long lunch alongside an elongated table in the most delectable Italian cuisine this side of the Equator. Afternoon in Puglia is the underlying theme of THE SLOW LIFE, an alternative lifestyle experience which is underpinned by...

Food prices set to increase - Economic Justice and Dignity Group

The Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice and Dignity Group says it has recorded a rise in the past month.

Pick n Pay announces split into two stores and joining Mr D app

Pick n Pay is making some major changes with a new store called ‘Project Red’ as well as the introduction to the Mr D and Takealot apps.

Ouma’s traditional melktert: A dessert to make “ouma” proud

Do you remember Sunday lunch dessert and how grandma's food made you feel? It's your turn to make ouma's traditional melktert and feed the family.

Lamb stew with corn: Comfort food for the family on a cold winter’s day

A rich, flavourful stew perfect for those cold winter's days coming our way. This lamb stew with corn recipe will warm the family from the inside.

Easy food source for baboons causing chaos at Simon's Town navel base

Abongile Nzelenzele speaks to Jenni Trethowan, founder of Baboon Matters.

RECIPES: 3 cosy, hearty pasta recipes to get you through winter

We present three of our favourite hearty pasta dishes to warm you up on cold days.

Breakfast portabellas with soft-boiled eggs, crispy kale & hollandaise sauce

Do you love an Eggs Benedict? Breakfast portabellas with soft-boiled eggs, crispy kale & hollandaise sauce is the family meal you need this weekend.

Food waste needs to be tackled systematically

South Africa wastes up to 10.3 million tons of food each year – and this was a problem the Shoprite Group was tackling from multiple angles.

Here’s how global heating is costing you in ways which you might not even imagine

Global warming is raising prices across the world. Here is why you could be spending more on food, clothing, insurance and electricity as the climate crisis persists.

Cocktail sausage rolls: Bite-sized puff pastry and pork party snacks

Have you been planning an event or need game-day snacks on the weekend. Nothing is better than a batch of cocktail sausage rolls for a hungry crowd.

It’s World Whisky Day! All you need to know about your favourite tipple and how to drink it

World Whisky Day takes place on the third Saturday in May each year and is all about enjoying your whisky as you like it.

Spinach & mushroom scrambled eggs: Tasty & healthy breakfast

Start your day with a bowl of flavour, colour and important nutrients for the day. Our spinach and mushroom scrambled eggs has the energy you need.