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6 best spots to warm up with a bowl of soup this autumn

If you are looking for a comforting bowl to break up the workday fatigue or looking for a dinner spot with a fresh take on autumn warmers, the below restaurants’ soup game is on point.

Cooking tricks for days when you are not in the mood

For all those hungry souls out there who are too lazy to cook, here are some food hacks to help you through the day.

WATCH: Gordon Ramsay’s ‘garam masala egg wrap’ fails to impress foodies

Chef Gordon Ramsay, famed for his culinary prowess and no-holds-barred personality, recently stirred up a storm on social media.

Table manners for the perfect dining experience

Here's a super easy guide on fine dining etiquette and what you should know when eating out at fancy restaurants.

Zucchini cheese muffin slab

This is a zucchini-loaded savoury cheese muffin in slab form, a handy big-batch recipe to serve lots of people without fussing with muffin tins.

Drink recipes to help you celebrate World Cocktail Day

Explore the different types of cocktails that you can re-create at home.

Craving something savoury? Here are a few healthy snack options

When you’re craving something savoury, you don’t have to reach for unhealthy snacks. Here are a few healthy options instead.

#SauvBlancDay: Celebrating the diversity and global appeal of Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc defies its 'wild white' reputation, appealing to both beginner and expert wine enthusiasts with its diverse flavours. In celebration of International Sauvignon Blanc Day recently, on 3 May 2024, Sauvignon Blanc South Africa gathered South African producers to share insights and trends on this versatile grape.Source: ©Darya Petrenko via 123RFPeter Pentz Jr of Groote Post Vineyards, between Darling and Yzerfontein, is a passionate...

Mary Berry's 'chewy and luxurious' Florentines recipe with secret to perfect consistency

While people think they might be difficult to make at home, renowned chef Mary Berry has simplified it so you only need 10 minutes for these delicious freshly baked treats.

4 ways to make everyday meals look exciting

All it takes is a few thoughtful touches and a little bit of extra love.

Three Ships Whisky launches a 13-Year-Old Single Malt Cape Ruby Cask finish

Introducing an autumn sunset in a bottle...Three Ships Whisky unveils the latest addition to the Master’s Collection, a 13-Year-Old Single Malt Cape Ruby Cask Finish, launching on World Whisky Day, Saturday, 18 May at 12noon, in a live online sale.Crafted by master distiller, Andy Watts, this limited-edition release marks yet another milestone in South African whisky innovation: a marriage between the rich complexity of seasoned Cape Ruby casks...

3 tips for mastering one-pot dishes with flavour and in record time

Using one pot or pan not only saves on dishes but also allows you to create a meal in next to no time.

Is Broccoli More Healthy Raw? A Review By Nutrition Professionals

Expert opinion from Deidre Huysamen Dietician - Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services · 7 years of experience · South Africa Broccoli is healthy cooked and raw. Raw broccoli is higher in nutrients as the moment you start to cook vegetables you will start to lose some nutrients. This can be minimized by using dry or semi-moist cooking methods. R...

Orange wine set to become drink of summer as sales soar 99%

The 'delicious and versatile' beverage has taken social media, trendy bars and even UK supermarkets by storm - with sales up a massive 99 per cent from last year.

I scored three meals for under $20 at Olive Garden with an easy hack

A TikTok user shared the secret to getting three meals at an affordable price: Olive Garden takeout.

Cook the ‘crispiest bacon ever' with chefs method using free ingredient

Cook the crispiest bacon you can achieve using an award-winning chef's technique.

Essential tips for planning a memorable food tour

Planning a memorable food tour is not just about sampling delicious dishes. By following these essential tips, you can ensure that your culinary adventure is filled with mouthwatering flavours, cultural immersion and lasting memories.

Tips on how to navigate a restaurant wine list

Take the pressure out of navigating a restaurant’s wine collection with these simple tips.

Is your pantry ready for winter? Here are useful ingredients to get you started

With winter approaching, make sure you keep your pantry stocked with essential items to help make mealtime fun and easier.

Now I’m more relaxed about dinner parties, I don’t freak out if I can’t find purple basil

Dinner parties are in the news again thanks to the release of a film, The Trouble with Jessica, set during a London dinner party where everything goes badly wrong. With dinner parties on screen you know pretty much what you’re in for: posing, flirting, tension (arising from a crisis in the kitchen and/or a clash of opinions) loosened inhibitions, a...

Here’s how to use herbs and spices in cooking

One of the best parts of cooking is being able to naturally comprehend herb and spice pairings, so you can get flavour combinations that make your food taste good.

Top tips to keep your produce fresh for longer

There is nothing worse than purchasing a week’s worth of groceries only to find them mouldy and rotten a few days later. Fortunately, there are simple ways to keep your produce fresh and extend their shelf life.

Coffee hacks for a more delicious brew

Get ready to make your life easier or transform your standard daily brews into something special.

The fourth Chefs on Tour at Time Out Market was a gastronomic delight

Chefs on Tour is all about showcasing the exceptional talent and creativity that thrives within Time Out Markets globally. The series aims to craft an unparalleled fine dining journey, led by two remarkable chefs from different locations

Best flavoured gins to try this summer, from strawberry, rhubarb and truffle and more

Best flavoured gins to try this summer, from strawberry, rhubarb and truffle and more - Boost your spirits with a world of flavour

Raise a glass to celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day today with South African winemakers

South African winemakers are raising a glass to celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day this weekend from Friday, May 3 to Sunday, May 5.

Expert advice on how to cook with shallots

Shallots add variation and smooth depth to a wide variety of dishes.

Aldi is bringing back three 'sensational' 89p favourites

The returning range of confiments

Wetherspoon axes 18 drinks but adds a host of other tipples and food

Wetherspoon has axed 18 drinks from its menu as part of a major revamp ahead of the summer season. A selection of spirits have been dropped from the chain's latest menu update in May.

How to make the perfect bread at home and save money

Baking can seem like an extravagance but it can save you money and bring you joy.

How to split the bill after a dinner where you've stuck to cheap items

App-creators have invented new easy ways to split bills fairly and avoid the awkward conversation that comes at the end of group dinners or trips with friends.

WATCH: Chef Lorna Maseko launches new range of sauces

The sauces are set to infuse your pantry with a versatile array of flavours, ensuring that every meal is a culinary adventure filled with South African charm and excitement.

7 tips for making delicious home-made soups

If you’d like to whip up a home-made soup that outshines anything you could get from a restaurant or grocery store, here’s some soup-making tips.

The Karoo kitchen — where humble comfort food is deliciously king

Ever dreamt of opening a restaurant in a dorp? Ever wondered why you waited so long for your food at a platteland eatery? Read on.

Cooking tips when transitioning from summer to autumn

With autumn here, preparing your kitchen for seasonal changes might seem like a daunting task but we are here to help.

Mary Berry shares her secret for making ‘wonderfully golden' sage and onion stuffing

Mary Berry has a cooking technique to ensure sage and onion stuffing always comes out of the oven "wonderfully golden and crisp."

Grill it easy

Here're some classic, easy meals for Independence Day

Food you should NOT keep in your fridge

Some food items are best kept at room temperature. Here are food items that are best not stored in your fridge and the reasons for it.

Why Italian white wine is so food-friendly

I don’t know how many of you buy wine specifically to drink with food, but the Italians do and we could learn a few lessons from them. If you taste wines such as soave and pinot grigio on their own, you might think they’re a bit bland and boring, but sip a glass with a plate of antipasti or spaghetti carbonara, say, and they spring into life. Italians by and large don’t want wines with overt fruit flavours, too much oak or overly high levels of...

Different types of rice varieties and best ways to enjoy them

While there are many varieties of rice available, not all are created equal. The rice you choose to cook can make or break your meal.

The Tinned Tomatoes Cookbook: 100 things to do with the versatile fruit — easy shakshuka

‘There aren’t many ingredients that you could write over a hundred recipes for without scraping the culinary barrel’ — in ‘The Tinned Tomatoes Cookbook’, Samuel Goldsmith offers everyday recipes using the most versatile ingredient in your kitchen.

What is cheaper: Boiling water in a kettle or a microwave?

Do you generally use a microwave or a kettle to boil water? Is boiling water in a microwave cheaper than boiling water in a kettle?

Avo season is officially here! Here’s a vegetarian-friendly recipe that is surprisingly easy to make

Whether you are strictly vegan, a vegetarian or are simply trying to eat more plant than animal products, avocados add that element of richness, creaminess and a sense of luxury to meals.

Homemade saucy and dippy delights

Let’s dip into something people often don’t make for ourselves but love.

French foodies up in arms after bakery chain launches vegan croissant

The efforts of boulanger Rodolphe Landemaine, a vegan who has five shops in the French capital, have been met with a mixture of outrage and incredulity.

I made glazed salmon in the air fryer - it tasted amazing and took eight minutes to cook

Cooking salmon fillets in the air fryer is a quick and easy way to cook salmon without running the risk of a broken fish fillet. This recipe includes a delicious Japanese sweet rice wine and soy glaze.

Coulis vs compote: What is the difference between the fruit sauces?

Coulis and compote are types of fruit sauces. Both can be used to enhance your dishes and elevate your home-made food.

World Baking Day: Baking tips every beginner needs to know

Are you new to baking or just want to improve your baking skills? These baking tips for beginners are the perfect place to start.

Mistakes you might be making when reheating food

As much as warming last night's dinner can be easy and convenient, it also comes with health risks, which can be avoided.

Is your microwave a ticking time bomb? 10 things to avoid

Discover 10 surprising microwave dangers and learn how to avoid them for the safety of you and your loved ones. Stay informed and protected.