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Lidl forced to rename bread after being accused of misleading customers in 'sourfaux' row

The Real Bread Campaign argued that the Lidl “Sourdough Rye Crusty Bloomer” contains yeast, which is not traditionally found in sourdough

Jamie Oliver's easy sausage pasta bake ‘beats takeaways' and is ready in under one hour

Pasta bakes are popular dinners because they are easy and delicious. Here's Jamie Oliver's sausage pasta bake, ready in under an hour.

Cadbury's introduces Christmas tin with iconic chocolate that's 'perfect for kids'

OMG yes please!

How to spend less time in the kitchen during the holidays

Tips on how to cut down on cooking time with more time to relax.

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Efrat's pancake recipe to boost morale

What child doesn't adore pancakes?

Feel-good recipes that only take 15 minutes

Feel-good recipes that only take 15 minutes - Spending 15 minutes a day cooking a quick, healthy meal, moving your body or getting to sleep earlier can change your life, says Joe Wicks

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Here are a few things you can do as a restaurateur to ensure that money jingles into your restaurant’s cash drawer during this hectic season.

'Perfect for a winter cake': Easy parsnip traybake recipe is a twist on a British classic

Carrot cake is a British classic when it comes to baking, but its parsnip alternative - not so much. That said, it's the perfect recipe all the while parsnips are in season.

Sourdough or sourfaux? How to spot ‘fake’ supermarket bread

It’s the worst nightmare of the sourdough-munching middle classes: that the rye sourdough loaf you brought home from the supermarket might, in fact, be “sourfaux.” Quelle horreur. And yet it’s more common than you might think. The Real Bread Campaign has just celebrated a victory against Lidl, which has changed the name of its Sourdough Rye Crusty ...

Savvy chef cooks full slap-up Christmas dinner for just £20

TikToker Meals by Mitch relied on his local Aldi store in Walsall, West Midlands for the ingredients for his feast, which left viewers praising the proud Wolverhampton local.

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With the right ingredients and strategic plating, party platters can easily be the prettiest (and tastiest) way to please guests.

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Apple and cinnamon scones recipe

Be sure not to overwork the dough for these – just pull everything together, so that it stays light. Serve with a good seasonal jam. London Borough of Jam do blackberry and bay or damson and black pepper, both delicious. If you can’t find buttermilk, use a mixture of whole milk and yoghurt, stirring them together. Timings Prep time: 20 minutes Cook...

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The best champagne deals for December 2023: Stock up on bottles of bubbly this Christmas - From individual bottles to cases of six, here’s where you can pick up some fizz at a purse-friendly price

Professional FAQs: Are Shallots Good To Eat Raw?

Expert opinion from Georgios Christos Bakolas Master Science in Sport Nutrition · 3 years of experience · UK Shallots have a mild flavour that can make them an ideal ingredient to a variety of dishes such as salads, pizzas, dressings and as garnish in many foods. There is no scientific evidence that suggests that the consumption of raw shallots is ...

Mixologist divides opinion with festive margarita made using broccoli

British cocktail guru Jack Sotti, has stunned his followers by creating a margarita for the festive season - using Tenderstem broccoli. His creation, is dubbed 'The Broctail'.

Roasted hake on tomato and mushroom lentils

During the hot festive season, you should try this tasty and healthy roasted hake on tomato and mushroom lentils recipe.

Aldi’s best-selling pre-made cocktails are back – and 47% cheaper than rival supermarket

Sip, sip, horray!

What ‘Minger’ really tastes like – and more super-smelly cheeses to try this Christmas

The newest addition to the cheese aisle at Asda is causing a stink – literally. The aroma of the provocatively named Minger cheese, which has been listed in 54 Scottish stores ahead of Christmas, has been described as “brutal on the nose”, “simply bad” and so powerful it “dominates the room”. And those are just the words of the cheesemaker himself....

Professional FAQs: Do Cocoa Beans Go Bad?

Expert opinion from Melinda De Ridder Registered Dietitian · 4 years of experience · South Africa The cocoa bean is the seed of the cocoa tree. This type of bean is best kept in a dry, cool, sealed location. Cocoa beans can go bad, especially when coming into contact with moisture or liquid (this will cause mold, germinate, or slate). Under control...

Mary Berry's spiced tomato soup 30 minute recipe is perfect for a ‘cold winter's day'

Tomato soup is always the perfect dish to have on a cold day, and Mary Berry has revealed she has a recipe to take this classic winter meal to the next level.

Mrs Griffiths had a recipe for waste

Re your article on trying to reduce consumption and waste (The long read, 28 November), I recall our family holiday in Aberporth, Wales, in 1961, when I was 15. We stayed with Mrs Griffiths, whose waste was mostly either composted or burned on her kitchen stove. Only tins remained, which were hammered flat with a stone and collected by the council once a year. She was ahead of her time. Bravo! Roger Forshaw Romsey, Hampshire . Thank you for the...

Spiced citrus shortbread recipe

You can do more complicated decorations – and get out your piping bag – if you enjoy that kind of thing, but snowy Christmas trees always seem lovely to me. Make sure to get royal icing sugar instead of the regular kind – it gives you a thicker mixture, which coats biscuits more effectively – and add the juice little by little. You can colour the i...

Retro Pick n Mix box with 'great variety of sweets' just £10 in sale

It works out cheaper than buying through Pick n Mix websites

The 6 ingenious hacks for used Gü pots after 'revolutionary' solution

From serving other food items in them to using the pots as part of a homemade arts and crafts items, read on below for x ingenious ways to make use of the Gü pots cluttering your kitchen.

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A savvy cook has given a step-by-step guide to making a budget Christmas dinner, and it cost him under £20 to cook with all the trimmings. People can't wait to replicate the feast

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Beetroot and sweet potato are part of the root vegetable family. They are super versatile veggies but taste rather delicious baked into crisps.

Christmas pudding with English ale recipe

This Christmas pudding evolved over the years and now I never change it. I like to use tart as well as sweet dried fruit, and buy the best you can. Timings Prep time: 2 days Cooking time: 2 hours Serves 10 Ingredients 200g dried fruit (sour cherries, cranberries, apples, pears, figs) 75g each raisins, currants and sultanas 200ml Theakston Old Pecul...

Bar du Champagne: new Covent Garden wine bar dedicated to rare and unusual fizz

Bar du Champagne: new Covent Garden wine bar dedicated to rare and unusual fizz - The bistro will serve classic French dishes alongside famous and lesser-known wines

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