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Appletizer pork chops: A tasty twist on a favourite dinner meal

A classic family dinner is what you need this week. Try our unconventional Appletizer pork chops with green salad this winter.

Cinnamon cream cake: The perfect cake for the baker in a hurry

If you love baking or just getting started, you need a tasty, yet easy, recipe. Our cinnamon cream cake is as moist and as tasty as it looks.

Masala chicken: An aromatic dish packed with comforting flavours

Prepare a dish loaded with incredible flavours when you pull out this masala chicken recipe. It tastes great and is a feast for the eyes.

Peach meringue pie: A slice of heaven with friends and family

This peach meringue pie is the perfect dessert with friends and family. The crispy base and soft meringue are sure to please everyone,

Stone-baked pizza: The perfect party meal for the weekend

It's time to make your own stone-baked pizza this weekend. The most iconic and tastiest food in the world, pizza makes everybody happy.

Taurus: Your love horoscope - August 18

Taurus: here are your love predictions for the day August 18

‘Need a job at this restaurant’: Nadia reveals AKA’s R1k tip, R4k bill

While Nadia Nakai continues to get 'roasted' on Twitter, she shared a vlog of her date night with bae AKA who served the waitress a R1k tip.

CoCT's Vos pleased with scale of local tourism sector's recovery

The City of Cape Town said that this was good news for people working in the hospitality industry including the hotel, airline, restaurant and cruise ship sector.

KFC opens high-tech, double-lane drive-thru store in Cape Town

KFC recently opened its first African high-tech store in Pinelands, Cape Town, designed to offer quicker, more seamless customer service.

Mushroom and herb rigatoni pasta: A simple Italian pasta recipe

If you're vegan, vegetarian or just love a simple pasta without meat, try our mushroom and herb rigatoni pasta. A simple, hearty family meal.

Best coffee and caffeinated beverages stocks to invest in

The coffee industry supplies caffeine to Americans and people around the world to help them get through their busy days. The consumption, production, and price of coffee have steadily been on the rise over the past decade. This trend of growth is slotted to continue well past the next decade.Companies within this list are strongest (Most Caffeinated) Coffee Brands in the World .This list's performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

A major South African rivers’ fish are full of microplastics

The scale of the problem of microplastics only became apparent in recent years so a lot of research is still in its infancy.

Foods, besides candy, that can be bad for your dental health

In contrast to healthy foods that have a beneficial effect on teeth, you need to pay attention to foods that have a detrimental effect.

Oh rats! Have you noticed more vermin in the CBD since COVID rules were lifted?

Refilwe Mololo speaks to Grant Twigg, Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Waste Management at the City of Cape Town.

Creamy crab bisque: The perfect appetizer to start your date night

If you love cooking, you feel that French cuisine is the pinnacle. Create something incredible at home for a date or dinner party with our creamy crab bisque.

Tea muffins: For those perfect days with your friends and a cup of tea

Do you want to bake for your friends coming over for tea? These tea muffins are a fluffy and sweet snack, perfect for your favourite cup this winter.

Chicken and seafood paella: A hearty feast for the whole family

If you have been to food festivals or love Mediterranean food, you enjoy feasting with the family. Make your own chicken and seafood paella this weekend.

Baked cheddar cheese vegetables: A cheesy side for your braai

Do you want to enjoy your vegetables and indulge in your favourite cheese? Our baked cheddar cheese vegetables recipe is the perfect braai side.

French onion soup: A famous soup recipe that you can make at home

A traditional and slightly unconventional dish, French onion soup is a real treat for the whole family. Enjoy it as a starter or winter dinner treat.

Cajun garlic butter cod: Melt-in-your-mouth delicious dinner

Oozing flavour and buttery soft, this Cajun garlic butter cod recipe will easily become a family favourite.

As prices rise, the R350 Social Relief of Distress grant buys less and less

As part of our ongoing coverage, Maverick Citizen has been keeping track of what essential food items the Social Relief of Distress grant recipients can buy as food prices head upwards. Here’s what they could afford over the past three months.

WATCH: South African boerewors and T-bone steaks are big business in Côte d’Ivoire

“I wanted my restaurant to be unique, to serve meat that others are not serving. And I think the meat from Southern Africa is tastier,” says restaurateur in Côte d’Ivoire.

Creamy baked melktert: The best way to end any Sunday lunch

A delicious and traditional South African dessert that's perfect for any Sunday lunch with your family.

From creative workshops to festivals – things to do, places to see this week around South Africa

Here is your weekly round-up of go-to events around the country, from art exhibitions, to festivals, concerts and trail runs.

Trade secrets

What's the fun in keeping a secret... ask your lawyer what will happen if you don't keep a trade secret to your business

Carrot cake cookies: Delightful sweet treats for the family

Transform an old-time favourite into mouth-watering carrot cake cookies perfect to add as a special lunchbox treat.

Classic potato salad: No family dinner is complete without it

There are loads of potato salad variations and our classic potato salad is simple to make and always a winner. It's the perfect braai side.

Creamy chicken tetrazzini pasta: A wholesome family pasta dinner

This winter, provide your big family with a hearty pasta dish everybody will love. This creamy chicken tetrazzini pasta is the way to go.

Spicy chickpea chips: A healthy bit of crunch when you feel peckish

Are you in the mood for some healthy snacks that will keep you on-track with your healthy lifestyle goals? Try our spicy chickpea chips this week.

Pork and mushroom meatball ramen: A heartwarming winter broth

If you're in the mood for a hearty and meaty broth, try our classic Pork and mushroom meatball ramen. It's the perfect family weeknight meal.

Under pressure: Get cooking with this budget-friendly recipe

Gather everyone together for this flavourful, affordable meal that relies on pantry staples to cut down on costs.

Chocolate cream cheese cake: Simply rich, smooth and chocolaty

Our chocolate cream cheese cake is a smooth and rich chocolate treat for any occasion. It's a beautiful homemade treat, great with a cup of tea.

Minced meat curry with potatoes and peas: A flavourful meal

Allow the inviting aroma of this minced meat curry dish to fill your home with comfort and warmth. This recipe is a must-try.

Potato scones: A buttery breakfast treat with a choice of toppings

If you enjoy a fully-loaded breakfast, you'll love these potato scones. They are a fried potato and butter treat that go perfectly with bacon and eggs.

‘What’s Eating Us’ – Maverick Citizen’s new food justice podcast dives into South Africa’s health crisis

The series features candid discussions with food justice activists and academics and highlights the body of investigative work done on our food justice project. Access to food and water is a huge issue, especially with regards to children’s needs and rights to nutrition.

3 incredible immune-boosting teas you need to try this Afternoon Tea Week

Afternoon Tea Week should get you sampling these healthy teas which will not only titillate your taste buds but boost your immune system.

Ideal milk ice cream: The easy way to make homemade ice cream

Make your own unique ice cream with this easy Ideal milk ice cream recipe. It's a great addition to any warm pudding at Sunday lunch.

Mixed messages: Is coffee good or bad for us? It might help, but it doesn’t enhance health

Drinking a cup of coffee means ingesting a complex mixture of chemicals. Research has given us mixed messaging about whether coffee is beneficial or harmful.

Fish fillets with mushroom sauce: Simple seafood goodness

There's some incredible seafood in South Africa. Our fish fillets with mushroom sauce is rich, cheesy and perfect for a weeknight family meal.

Buffalo-style crispy sweet potatoes: An irresistible side dish

Outshine any other sweet potato dish you have ever made with this buffalo-style crispy sweet potatoes recipe.

Your spring detox guide

The word ‘detox’ does not have to fill your mind with the fear of restrictive diets or liquid fasts. Instead, we can use natural remedies to revitalise us from the inside out.

Two Limpopo men die mysteriously after consuming ‘soft drink’

The two men drank what is believed to be soft drink that was given by a stranger to one of the survivors while job seeking in Limpopo.

Easy banana bread: The simplest savoury loaf for winter baking

It's not too late to get onto that banana bread hype train. Try our easy banana bread recipe with tasty variations with your family and friends.

Crunchy vanilla biscuits: Perfect midnight snack for the whole family

It's time to get the kettle on because there are cookies on their way. our crunchy vanilla cookies are simple and provide a great creative opportunity.

Cornish pasty: Pastry, beef and potatoes has never tasted so good

Do you like a golden pastry with meat and potatoes? Look no further than this traditional Cornish pasty recipe to enjoy as a whole meal or snack.

Tuna casserole: An old-school family recipe anybody can enjoy

Do you love tasty pasta salads over the weekend or for lunch at work during the week? Our tuna casserole is an iconic family meal you need to try.

Mocha cake: A simple coffee and chocolate cake combination

Coffe and chocolate often comes together to create great flavours. Try our mocha cake with a hot cup of coffee or tea with great people.

Pumpkin fritters: The perfect side for your Sunday roast with family

There's nothing like a bit of tradition to make a Sunday roast even better. These pumpkin fritters are perfectly sweet and tasty with any feast.

Beyond coffee: 5 healthy drinks to get your morning started

Many people love to wake up and smell the coffee. But if you are in search of caffeine-free ways to power through your morning, try these five healthy ideas to get an energy boost, naturally. Black tea For people who do not want to quit coffee, black tea provides a smaller dose of caffeine that will help ease the withdrawal process while still providing an energy boost. It’s also a good option for those who don’t like the taste of coffee but...

Lemon brownies: Zesty bites for teatime just perfect for spring

With spring knocking on our doors, get ready for tea parties with these lemon brownies adding some zest to life.