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Tips on how to navigate a restaurant wine list

Take the pressure out of navigating a restaurant’s wine collection with these simple tips.

Bartenders reveal the drinks you should NEVER order in a crowded bar

Experienced bartenders and mixologists from across the US have revealed the ten drinks you should never order in a crowded bar.

The perfect breakfast: Expert cooks up formula for holiday buffet

Dr Tom Crawford cooked up the equation after researchers found a quarter of Brits had delayed their plans for the day after stuffing themselves on the hotel self-service meal.

Celebrate Pride Month with these rainbow recipes

Whether you’re throwing a Pride Month party or celebrating with friends or family, make sure you do it with some delicious, share-worthy food.

Food you should NOT keep in your fridge

Some food items are best kept at room temperature. Here are food items that are best not stored in your fridge and the reasons for it.

WATCH: Cookbook author sparks outrage after revealing her controversial method for making scrambled eggs

Eggs have become a vital part of our daily diet because of the benefits they offer. But did you know that you can make scrambled eggs in boiling water?

How to use cardamom

Cardamom is a fragrant spice used across the world in baking and cooking. There are black and green varieties, and you can find them in seed, ground or whole-pod form.

7 tips for making delicious home-made soups

If you’d like to whip up a home-made soup that outshines anything you could get from a restaurant or grocery store, here’s some soup-making tips.

What is cheaper: Boiling water in a kettle or a microwave?

Do you generally use a microwave or a kettle to boil water? Is boiling water in a microwave cheaper than boiling water in a kettle?

Olympic Games to serve foie gras to VIP guests despite promoting ‘leaf over beef’ menu

Olympic Games to serve foie gras to VIP guests despite promoting ‘leaf over beef’ menu - Exclusive: Catering for hospitality packages in Paris will include paté considered so cruel that Labour has pledged to ban it

Expert advice on how to satisfy your chocolate cravings without overindulging

Top practical tips for turning your chocolate cravings into a healthy and guilt-free experience.

Expert reveals £1 hack for keeping leafy greens fresh for longer

Are you tired of opening your fridge to find wilted, browned lettuce? An expert has revealed a simple hack that could keep your leafy greens fresh for longer - and it costs as little as £1.

#SauvBlancDay: Celebrating the diversity and global appeal of Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc defies its 'wild white' reputation, appealing to both beginner and expert wine enthusiasts with its diverse flavours. In celebration of International Sauvignon Blanc Day recently, on 3 May 2024, Sauvignon Blanc South Africa gathered South African producers to share insights and trends on this versatile grape.Source: ©Darya Petrenko via 123RFPeter Pentz Jr of Groote Post Vineyards, between Darling and Yzerfontein, is a passionate...

Why modern mead is the buzzy new drink

Mead is making an unlikely comeback as summer's hippest refresher, thanks to new fermentation techniques, sophisticated new flavours and even an outpouring of support on TikTok.

I'm a chef - these are the obvious signs a restaurant is FILTHY

These chefs are doing their part to keep restaurant-goers safe when they venture out to grab a bite to eat.

Get ready to braai! Save on grilling essentials this weekend

Stretch your budget and sizzle your snags! Grab amazing deals on braai essentials – meat, veggies, and more – at Woolworths, Shoprite, Checkers, and Pick n Pay.

Drink recipes to help you celebrate World Cocktail Day

Explore the different types of cocktails that you can re-create at home.

6 easy ways to use leftover milk

Instead of dumping milk down the drain, show it some love by turning it into delicious, sweet and savoury dishes.

Are you a beginner baker? Here’s what you need to get going

Here are some essential items that every aspiring baker should have in their kitchen.

RECIPE: This mushroom and sausage baked gnocchi dish is hearty and satisfying

This fancy meal will put your boring lunches to shame.

Sardine run: Here’s how to eat sardines – and really enjoy them

For those who are new to the sardine scene, it can be daunting to know what to do with the fish. Don’t worry; we're here to walk you through some of the many ways to enjoy the fish.

Brand marks whisky month in style

The brand, known for innovation and excellence, recently hosted a celebration of fine spirits and great company with Friends of The Ville, showcasing its commitment in South Africa.

Esprit launches exciting new 500ml 4-pack

Esprit, a delicious ready-to-drink beverage made with unconventional flavour combinations for your unique taste, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new 500ml 4-pack. The convenient 4-pack format delivers the same great liquid consumers love at a hard to beat price point of R79.99. The range of flavour combinations allows those who enjoy something different to effortlessly try the freshest flavour combos.To mark the exciting launch of the...

Cook like a queen with these 3 easy-to-make recipes by Miss SA 2024 contestants

Take the guesswork out of the ‘what's for dinner’ question. These quick recipes will help you put food on the table fast.

Homemade saucy and dippy delights

Let’s dip into something people often don’t make for ourselves but love.

Waitrose boss encourages shoppers to pair BLUE CHEESE with dessert

Will Torrent, senior innovation chef at Waitrose has also suggested chocolate and soft cheese as another tangy alternative to the usual vanilla pudding.

World Chardonnay Day: The best food to pair with chardonnay

Wondering what to serve with your favourite chardonnay? We’ve got you covered. Check out some of our favourite chardonnay food pairings.

RECIPE: Celebrate Herb and Spice Day with this slow-cooked lamb shank recipe by Chef Alex Torrão

Herb and Spice Day serves as a poignant reminder of the integral role seasonings play in elevating culinary experiences.

10 best microwaves of 2024: combination, retro and more

10 best microwaves of 2024: combination, retro and more - Ding! Your guide to ten of the best microwaves is ready

How to split the bill after a dinner where you've stuck to cheap items

App-creators have invented new easy ways to split bills fairly and avoid the awkward conversation that comes at the end of group dinners or trips with friends.

Van Ryn’s scoops World’s Best Wine Brandy at 2024 World Drinks Awards

Van Ryn’s 15-Year-Old Potsill Brandy was awarded World’s Best Wine Brandy, for the second consecutive year, beating competition from France, Spain, Australia and other South African prominent brandy producers within the 2024 World Brandy Awards category at the 2024 World Drinks Awards.This marks the fourth time within five years that Van Ryn’s brandy has been awarded this title. In 2020 Van Ryn’s 12-Year-Old Potstill Brandy achieved the same...

Aldi Australia customer shocked by 'disgusting' find in sauce bottle

An Aldi Australia customer was shocked and disgusted by what poured out of a sauce bottle when making a Thai green curry for dinner.

Cheers to ‘cooking in a bottle’

CraftFest is a celebration where you can party in style and at the same time meet the makers of artisanal beer, spirits, food, deli wares and hand-crafted goods.

Wetherspoon axes 18 drinks but adds a host of other tipples and food

Wetherspoon has axed 18 drinks from its menu as part of a major revamp ahead of the summer season. A selection of spirits have been dropped from the chain's latest menu update in May.

Spoil dad this Father’s Day with this easy firewater beef rump, with pickled cucumber and carrot salad

You could take him to a restaurant, but homemade is always better.

Meet Muse Restaurant’s Allan & Simoné Bezuidenhout: An enduring love for food and each other

As patrons savour the exquisite flavours crafted by Allan and Simoné, they also become part of the narrative woven into every dish

Are you drinking cocktails the right way? Mixologist shares importance of drinking a glass of water per cocktail

Master mixologist at NIO Cocktails, Patrick Pistolesi, says following the ‘1 for 1 rule’, drinking a glass of water per every cocktail, is the best way to fully enjoy your drinks.

Top tips to keep your produce fresh for longer

There is nothing worse than purchasing a week’s worth of groceries only to find them mouldy and rotten a few days later. Fortunately, there are simple ways to keep your produce fresh and extend their shelf life.

How to pick a watermelon: Sweet and ripe every time

Here is an ultimate guide on how to pick a watermelon which is ripe and sweet. This fruit contain various nutrients, including potassium, vitamins A and C.

Beginner’s guide to clean eating

If you’re keen to jump on the clean-eating bandwagon but don’t know where to start, here are some tips to help you get on track.

Does Whiskey freeze? Debunking the myth

What is the freezing point of whiskey? Debunking the myth.

Best kitchen knives and knife sets for chopping and slicing with ease

Best kitchen knives and knife sets for chopping and slicing with ease - Yes chef! Your food preparation skills just stepped up a notch

From Fog to Flavours: Creative ways to use Dry Ice in your catering menu

Dry ice is a powerful tool in the arsenal of food caterers, offering the dual benefits of enhancing both the presentation and flavour of their offerings.

RECIPES: Vegetarian dinners to fill you up this winter

These delicious vegetarian dinner recipes are loaded with seasonal ingredients, to bring the best of winter right to your plate.

Coffee hacks for a more delicious brew

Get ready to make your life easier or transform your standard daily brews into something special.

Beer cocktails: Some delicious new variations to try

'Waiter, there’s a beer in my cocktail!'

How to wash grapes properly: Tips for fresh, clean, safe grapes

Learning how to wash grapes is essential to avoid eating toxic pesticides. Discover the best way to do this using products already in your pantry!

Best flavoured gins to try this summer, from strawberry, rhubarb and truffle and more

Best flavoured gins to try this summer, from strawberry, rhubarb and truffle and more - Boost your spirits with a world of flavour

Does vanilla extract go bad? Shelf life, storage tips, and spoilage signs

Does vanilla extract go bad? Different factors must first be considered before determining if it will go bad or not. This article explains it all.

Different types of rice varieties and best ways to enjoy them

While there are many varieties of rice available, not all are created equal. The rice you choose to cook can make or break your meal.