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Hungarian apple tart: An easy pie recipe for any occasion

We all love a tasty dessert. Try our Hungarian apple tart with your family this weekend. It's a golden sweet treat.

She was queen of the WORLD: Queen Elizabeth beloved by all

Against the tide of history and logic, Queen Elizabeth has made a medieval anachronism modern, and has found favor with the world.

Heritage Day BBQ chicken: A flavour-packed dish for Braai Day

On 24 September, celebrate National Braai Day with the juiciest WEBER Heritage Day BBQ chicken recipe you've ever had.

Dark chicken casserole: A simple yet delicious weeknight meal

When you have friends coming over, there's a way to make them stay. Cook them a beautiful dark chicken casserole for any occasion.

More than just Fyn - Cape Town eatery listed among world's best

The Parliament Street eatery has been listed 37th on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

The best bars in South Africa are in Cape Town – FACT

The list of the world's 50 best bars for 2022 will be revealed in Barcelona next week. Cape Town has the best watering holes in Mzansi.

Prince Kaybee trends for launching own wine label

Prince Kaybee thanked all the men and women who worked tirelessly to make his very own wine label dreams a reality.

Burger King employee teaches handsy customer a lesson [watch]

An angry customer learned a good lesson about putting his hands on restaurant staff after an employee defended herself bravely.

A drink and main dish recipe to celebrate International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day is a celebration of the coffee sector’s diversity, quality, and passion.

Mideast in Pictures: Coffee festival held in Yemen amid ceasefire

A man holds coffee beans at a booth during a coffee festival in Sanaa, Yemen, on Sept. 29, 2022. (Photo by Mohammed Mohammed/Xinhua) SANAA, Sept. 30 (Xinhua) -- A coffee festival, named "Coffee Revolution," was held in Sanaa on Thursday to promote Yemeni coffee amid the ceasefire between the internationally-recognized Yemeni government and the Houthis. The history of Yemenis cultivating coffee could date back to the early 15th century when...

Fully-loaded mushroom breakfast tacos: Tasty and nutritious

Enjoy breakfast with ease and flavour. These fully-loaded breakfast tacos are a great family meal for those weekend mornings.

Bacon and paprika steak pasta: Delicious weeknight cooking

You don't have to choose what to make tonight or even tomorrow. Try our bacon and paprika steak pasta. Now, doesn't that sound delicous?

Lemon tea cakes: An iconic sweet treat to enjoy with friends

Lemon curd has been a staple of tea time snacks and breakfast for a long time. Try our lemon tea cakes with berries for a brand new treat.

What's gone viral: Patron tips R3 617 in a restaurant in Hout Bay

A Facebook post has gone viral of a generous customer who left a tip of more than R3,000 at a popular Hout Bay pizzeria - Massimo’s in Cape Town.

Prawn curry: A spicy meal for those brisk spring evenings

When you don't want to cook all night, you need a quick and easy prawn curry. Packed with flavour and spice, it's a great weeknight meal.

Beef mince stuffed roasted tomatoes: Simple and healthy

Cooking is often much easier than we think. Our Beef mince stuffed roasted tomatoes are ready within 30 minutes and super tasty.

Pumpkin muffins: For those who love baking for events

Baking is fun and unconventional flavours become mainstream. Try our pumpkin muffins with nuts and raisins for a great tea time treat.

Buns Out: Maps Maponyane’s burger joint closes its doors

'It keeps getting tougher': Maps Maponyane's popular burger restaurant, Buns Out, is set to close its doors due to load shedding.

SA hotels, resorts receiving more guest: Report

The Other Services survey by Bureau for Economic Research shows that South Africa's hotels, resorts and restaurants are receiving more guests and patrons.

Venison in sherry sauce: Tasty weekend stew with the family

Low and slow cooking is great for the weekends. Try our venison in sherry sauce for the rainy days with your family.

Beef bourguignon: Tasty French cooking with beef and bacon

Enjoy hearty and comforting French cuisine without much effort. Try our beef bourguignon for dinner any day of the week or as a celebration.

Aries: Your love horoscope - October 01

Aries: here are your love predictions for the day October 01

Portabello steaks with zucchini chips & garlic aioli

If you love a braai but want some vegetarian-friendly options, try our portabello steaks with zucchini chips and garlic aioli.

Beef stroganoff pasta: A quick and easy weeknight dish

For those busy weeknights, don't stand around cooking. A quick and easy beef stroganoff is a great family recipe that anybody can enjoy.

Pecan tart: A classic coffee date pie with friends

Enjoy a classic pecan tart with a cup of coffee any time of the week. Indulge in your love of baking with this easy recipe.

Brussels restaurant goes dark to highlight energy crisis

While EU governments still mull over introducing a cap on gas prices, some businesses are more in a hurry for solutions to the energy crisis. In Brussels, the epicenter of the EU, a group of restaurants owners have imagined how a future without gas and electricity would look like for gourmets.

HAJI MOHAMED DAWJEE: This is how you ride the recession rollercoaster

I actually needed lettuce the other day, and honestly, I had to make a choice between some good rolls and tomatoes and that green stuff that is basically water in leaf formation.

Mushroom garlic bread: The braai side upgrade you should try

Enjoy a braai with your own homemade mushroom garlic bread. It's the perfect braai side for the South African summer.

Meet Alicia Naidoo: Master journalist and ‘soft-news junkie’

Alicia Naidoo joined 'The South African' as a recipes writer and then pivoted to join the #gig4students programme.

Homemade crème brûlée: French dessert made for dinner parties

A simple dessert that will surprise everybody, homemade crème brûlée is the best out there. It's delicate with a bit of fun when you break the sugar.

Easy chicken salad: A quick dinner or weekday lunch salad

It's time for those healthy summer lunches. Our easy chicken salad is the perfect weekday meal, especially if you have roast chicken leftovers.

Smoked chicken and spiced peaches: Sweet and savoury dinner

Cooking should be easy during the week. This simple smoked chicken and spiced peaches recipe is great for any family dinner.

Seafood coquilles: Cheesy French seafood starter for summer

It's seafood season and it's always great weather for cheese. Combine them with this creamy seafood coquilles recipe, made for your family.

Ginger oat biscuits: A great snack for tea time of coffee breaks

If you love baking and want something simple yet unique, try our ginger oat biscuits. They're the crunchy golden treats for tea time.

Avocado mousse: An old-school guacamole variation

Add some green to your South African Heritage Day snack table. Our avocado mousse recipe is an old-school gaucamole variation.

Ginger shortcake: A yummy twist on golden shortbread

Take your baking and dessert skills to a new level with a small twist on a great recipe. Our ginger shortcake is for everybody who loves dessert.

Top tips to take care of your body this Kidney Awareness Week

South Africans across the country will be celebrating National Kidney Awareness Week. Here's how you can take care of yours.

Waiter gets TIP of almost R20 000 at Cape Town hangout spot

A waiter got a tip of almost R20 000 when a man recently racked up a whopping bill of more than R200 000 at a Cape Town hangout spot.

Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte: the billion-dollar drink

Mushroom & cheese scones: A cheesy treat for tea time

Hlep yourself to a new twist on a classic tea time snack. These mushroom and cheese scones are just the perfect baked treats.

Khalid Parker: Cape Town businessman KILLED in Landsdowne

The Western Cape SAPS have appealed for anyone with information on Khalid Parker’s death to contact the investigating officer or crime stop.

George Clooney stars in new Nespresso campaign to protect the future of coffee

In 'The Empty Cup', starring George Clooney, Nespresso spotlights the risk that climate change poses to coffee farming communities

Plett shark bite victim Kimon Bisogno leaves a legacy of love in Observatory

There has been an outpouring of tributes for 39-year-old community activist and Cape Town restaurateur Kimon Bisogno who died after being bitten by a shark at the weekend.

Beer Association seeks uniform tax regime for South Africa’s alcohol industry

The Beer Association of South Africa (BASA) has appealed to government to create a uniform tax regime for the alcohol industry.

Man SHOOK after deliveryman eats his food – brings only bones

'Sorry I 8 cho food,' reads a note from the hungry deliveryman who left a bag of chicken wing bones at an unfortunate customer's doorstep.

Grilled mushroom salad pizza: Turn your braai into a pizza oven

Perfect for family weekends or even camping, our grilled mushroom salad pizza recipe is tasty, colourful and easy to make.

Braai mushrooms with chickpea stuffing for the weekend

Looking for great braai starters or sides that will also keep the vegetarians at the table happy? Try our Braai mushrooms with chickpea stuffing.

Delicious pastries and desserts from around the world

Clucking mad: KFC addresses complaint about ‘sperm burger’

KFC has investigated a complaint by a tweep claiming one of their burgers was 'soaked in sperm'. Take a look...

Gelata Roma – decadent ice cream for your everyday pleasures

Made to indulge in life's little pleasures, more often than not, and available in a variety of exotic flavours, Gelata Roma shines above your average everyday ice cream.