Are you tired of opening your fridge to find wilted, browned lettuce? An expert has revealed a simple hack that could keep your leafy greens fresh for longer - and it costs as little as £1.

As the cost of living crisis continues to put pressure on household budgets, food waste is an expense many can no longer afford. 

Fresh greens, a staple during spring and summer, are notorious for spoiling quickly, often within days of purchase. 

Fortunately, there are cost-effective ways to extend their shelf life, including the £1 flour sack towel trick. 

Allen Civlak, CEO of Mary's Kitchen Flour Sack Towels, has shared how consumers can use a humble flour sack towel to keep leafy vegetables fresh for up to ten days. 

Flour sack towels are extremely durable, shrink-resistant and made from cotton, and are thinner than dish towels and heavier than cheesecloths. 

Made of a comparatively tighter weave, they are usually designed for tasks such as drying dishes or polishing glassware. 

A twelve pack of flour sack towels is currently available to buy for £19.99 on Amazon - costing around £1.60 per piece. 

Civlak explains that the key to this hack is the towel's ability to maintain a perfect moisture balance. 

Unlike plastic bags or containers, which can trap too much moisture and create a humid environment leading to rot, flour sack towels are breathable. 

This breathability allows excess moisture to evaporate, reducing the risk of mould and decay while keeping greens sufficiently hydrated. 

The expert said: 'A moist flour sack towel can help to maintain the perfect consistent moisture balance that leafy greens need to stay fresh and crisp. 

'The damp towel also helps to maintain a cooler micro-environment around the greens when they're stored in the refrigerator. Cooler temperatures slow down the metabolic processes of the greens, extending their freshness.'

To prepare the towel, Civlak recommends moistening the it with water until it's slightly damp, but not soaking wet, before laying the towel flat on on a countertop or flat surface.

Place the leafy greens in the centre of the towel and cover them completely - ensuring the towel is snug around the greens but not too tight, allowing for air circulation - before inserting them into the fridge. 

Civlak also recommends the use of aluminium foil, saying: 'Aluminium foil is great for keeping greens fresh because it creates a protective barrier that helps to maintain the ideal moisture level while also preventing exposure to air and light.'

Aluminium foil tubes are available for as little as £1, making it an affordable alternative for those looking to reduce food waste. 

It comes after a professional chef has shared a series of genius food hacks which she says could save you up to £1,000 a year in food waste – including using cheese rinds in soup and not peeling carrots.

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