• Have you got a go-to bar order? Well, it might be time to reconsider 
  • Experienced servers from across the US have revealed the drinks they dread
  • The banned list includes some firm favorites - but what do you think?

Have you got a go-to bar order? Well, it might be time to reconsider.  

Because experienced bartenders and mixologists from across the US have revealed the 10 drinks you should never order in a crowded bar.

The expert mixologists told Business Insider about the concoctions they dread customers requesting as well as the reasons why.

The banned list includes some firm favorites - so how does your tipple compare?

First up, Jamie Robinson - a former bartender and current assistant food and beverage manager at Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort - urged patrons to steer clear of a Long Island iced tea.

She told the outlet that it was a 'big no-no, especially at a busy bar,' since it involves too many ingredients that make a questionable mix.

'You're likely only going to order one or two unless you plan on ending up on the floor at some point during the evening,' Jamie stated. 

Next on her list of drinks to avoid were mojitos which the expert described as 'a labor of love, to say the least.'

She said that to make 'a proper mojito should feature hand-muddled limes and mint.'

White Russians also appeared on Jamie's drinks to steer clear of on a busy night due to the heavy cream needed.

'Save your bartender the time of having to go check to see if they have some in the back, and save your stomach from mixing dairy with whatever else you might be inclined to drink that night,' she dished.

Elsewhere, executive bartender Zulay Duran, who works at Taste My Aruba, advised customers skip out on spicy margaritas.

What not to order, according to bartenders 

  1. Long Island iced tea
  2. Mojito
  3. White Russian
  4. Spicy margarita
  5. Blood Mary
  6. Anything containing egg white 
  7. Pina colada
  8. Irish coffee or espresso martini
  9. Layered shots
  10. Personalized drink order 

'This is a specialized drink that takes careful execution, which isn't feasible for most bartenders on a busy night,' she said, instead urging people to choose a simple glass of wine.

Bar manager Aliz Meszasi, who works at The Fed at The Langham in Boston, also asked that customers avoid ordering a Bloody Mary on a night out - insisting it is only a brunchtime drink.

Anything containing egg whites - such as a gin fizz - is also not appropriate to order during busy periods, according to the head bartender at The Rum House, Nick Jackson.

He said that it is 'very labor intensive' and requires several minutes of preparation.  

Additionally, Zach Pace, a beverage expert at Ten Rooms, said pina coladas are best reserved for the beach. 

'Please don't make the bartender fire up a blender in the middle of a crazy service,' he pleaded.

Many experts agreed that Irish coffee and espresso martinis should also be avoided - telling potential patrons to get their caffeine fix from a café instead.

Sunshine Foss, founder and CEO of boutique liquor store Happy Cork, requested that customers dodge layered shots that require multiple spirits.

'Bartenders are already under pressure to serve drinks quickly, ordering layered shots just doesn't make sense for anyone,' she dished.

Last but not least, mixologist Joshua Lucas, from Kiki's in California, recommends for bar goers to not order personalized drinks.

He comedically said: 'Be specific but not a poet.'

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