There are some foods that are just impossible to eat without creating a mess. There is also no denying the fact that the most scrumptious dishes are also the messiest to eat.

But what if we told you there is an easy way to tackle messy food? If you have ever been embarrassed because of that stained shirt which was a result of clumsy eating, then this article will come in handy to you.


Skip the chopsticks for sushi. Nothing spells disaster like trying to use chopsticks when you do not know how. Expert sushi chefs say it is totally fine to pick up sushi rolls with your fingers. If that just does not feel right, go ahead and use a fork.

Eating sushi should be about the enjoyment of the flavours, not about struggling with utensils. When it comes to dipping in soy sauce, less is more.

Aim to lightly dip the fish part of the sushi into the sauce to avoid overpowering the delicate balance of flavours.

And always be careful not to disassemble that beautifully crafted roll.


At a casual picnic, eat it with your hands. Take small bites to avoid having juice run down your chin and keep a napkin handy.

At more formal affairs, use a fork’s tines to flip seeds away and push them to the side of your plate.

Then, use the edge of the fork to cut bite-size watermelon pieces.

Frosting-covered cupcakes

If you have ever been a victim of a frosted nose then, here is a good technique for you! To devour the goodness of sponge and cream without letting it kiss your nose and cheeks, cut the cupcakes into halves horizontally and sandwich the frosting with the other half.

Chicken wings

Forget about knives, forks, and spoons when it comes to chicken wings. It somehow always successfully ends up on your hands, on your face, under your fingernails, in your hair and, after a point of time, you are beaten in the game.

Take the bones out first, and then go in for the kill.

Ice cream

Ice cream is a pretty safe bet when you are out on a date because everyone likes it. However, you will embarrass yourself if you let it get melty and then slurp it up.

Be sure to eat your ice cream fairly quickly so you can avoid a noisy mess at the bottom. If you cannot help slurping, try eating your ice cream with a spoon. Problem solved!


Just after two bites, tacos are sure to disintegrate. After that, it is just the shell and the taco fillings being eaten separately.

It no longer qualifies as a taco anymore. Fold lettuce or a flour tortilla over a hard taco shell to prevent taco fixings from falling out. That is simple.

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