Expert opinion from Mantwa Radebe

Master of Science (MSc) In Nutrition · 12 years of experience · South Africa

Key Lime is considered to be the best tasting lime. Key Lime is one of the most typical varieties of limes. It has a more yellow shade on the skin than most other limes, and its acidic juice is high quality with a sweet and sour flavor.

Expert opinion from Livia Dickson Chen

PhD in Nutrition · 11 years of experience · Brazil

All. The main difference for us is going to be in terms of nutrient composition and bioactive compounds, so I always suggest varying types to provide your body with different nutrients in varying concentrations.

Expert opinion from Luciana M. Cherubin

Bachelor in Nutrition · 5 years of experience · Argentina

The most popular varieties of limes are Key limes, Mexican limes, and Tahiti limes. All varieties are equally beneficial for health. However, it is recommended to consume those that are organic.

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