An Aldi Australia shopper instantly lost her appetite after a giant chunk of mould fell out of a sauce bottle when she was preparing dinner.

On Monday June 3, Sidney Bessant was making a Thai green curry and had purchased the ingredients from the budget retailer earlier that day. 

But when the store didn't have her usual go-to curry paste she opted for another product she had never bought before.  

The 22-year-old from Sydney felt as if she was going to vomit when the stomach-churning clump of green mould fell in the frypan. 

'I've never felt sicker! It was so disgusting,' she told FEMAIL. 

'I shop at Aldi often and so does my whole family but there's never been a problem like that.'

In the midst of the ordeal Sidney started recording a TikTok video detailing the situation to vent her shock and disgust. 

She opted to make the quick and easy meal with chicken, coconut cream, broccoli and green beans.  

'Something looked a little bit weird about the sauce.. I poured it in my dinner, this big chunk of mould fell out,' she said while gagging. 

'[It] actually looks like what my dog regurgitated. It's all over the lid, it's all over the rim, this is just like filled with mould. 

Sidney also shared a close up of the bottle to reveal the 'Best Before' date is actually July 27, 2025, meaning it shouldn't have been mouldy. 

'Don't mind me but I will not be eating dinner tonight. I've never felt sicker in my life,' she declared.

The video has since been viewed a staggering 446,000 times and others said they too felt like 'vomitting' after seeing the giant chunk of mould. 

Another person in the comments said it looked 'utterly gross'. 

'Ew did you tell Aldi about this? They should know,' another said. 

Customers are encouraged to provide feedback to Aldi directly via the help centre to investigate any issues or allegations. 

Daily Mail Australia understands customers can return any product they are not satisfied with for a full refund or replacement.

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