Life hack TikTok account @problemsolved has shared his tips on how to keep bread fresh for longer.

The content creator shared a video on the social media platform explaining how he makes the most of his fresh bread.

He began: "I've gotten bread from the farmers market, and just a few days later, mould appears. Freshly baked, it's at its best, but it doesn't last long.

"So the best thing since sliced bread - I had to say it - is making it last longer. Here's how to freeze and save your fresh baked bread."

The content creator highlighted the importance of letting the fresh loaf cool down before wrapping it very tightly.

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He said: "If you picked up a loaf and it's hot and fresh, make sure it's completely cool before we get wrapping. Portioning is key here. Keep what you're gonna use right away, and we're gonna save the rest."

The TikToker emphasised: "I'll be transparent with you. You just need to wrap it really tightly. Don't wait.

"Store that extra bread right away while it's fresh and soft. Keeping things airtight will prevent freezer burn and preserve all that goodness.

"Load up a freezer bag, label it, and you're good to go."

The online user went on to explain how to properly thaw bread and how long ahead before consuming it.

"To thaw, just move it to the fridge overnight and it should be good to go by the morning. Larger pieces may take a little extra time," he revealed.

"Sliced bread is ideal. Just remove the pieces you want, they'll thaw quickly. Or just pop them straight into the toaster."

The life hack expert reminded viewers that bread can last up to six months in the freezer.

However, after about two months, the texture can change, so it's "ideal to use for French toast or even bread pudding."

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