You don’t realise just how much difference a good kitchen knife makes until you don’t have one to hand.

Trying to quickly chop vegetables or meat becomes a much longer process when you’re having to really put some force behind the motion. The best kitchen knives take away all of the stress from food preparation, allowing seamless chopping no matter what you’re cooking up.

Looking to stock up on a new kitchen knife but not sure where to start? There are a few different factors you’ll want to keep in mind when knife shopping. The length of the blade, the shape and size of the handle, the material used and the process of crafting the knife in the first place.

While most kitchen knives are made from stainless steel, you’ll find premium offerings mixing the steel with carbon. The benefit? A sharper cut with a longer life span. This means less time spent sharpening your knives and more time spent cooking up your favourite dishes, one satisfying chop at a time.

A longer blade length gives you more room for chopping larger ingredients, but may not be appropriate if you’re looking for something to chop onions, chillis or smaller produce. A larger knife also leaves more room for accidentally chopping things that shouldn’t be chopped, like precious fingers or the space where your chopping board ends.

The best option? A selection of knives of differing lengths allows you to easily prepare all kinds of ingredients in one go.

We’ve rounded up all of the best kitchen knives to buy for your kitchen and prep like a pro.

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Best knife sets

EUNA Store Boxed Set Japanese Knives

Japanese knives are regarded as the crème de la crème when it comes to a slick (and sharp) finish during food preparation and this five-pack ensures you’ve got a knife ready for every opportunity in the kitchen.

A great choice for stocking up on all of the essentials in one sleek go, the EUNA Store Boxed Set Japanese Knives features an 8" Slicer Knife, an 8" Chef Knife, a 7" Santoku Knife, a 5" Serrated Utility Knife and a 3.5" Parer Knife.

Buy now £63.99, Amazon

Stellar Sabatier 5 Piece Knife Block

When it comes to culinary expertise, you have to trust the French. And this block created with renowned generations-old French knife makers Sabatier doesn’t disappoint.

The solid stainless steel blade runs right through the handle for added strength and precision - something of a company hallmark - and the blade features indented ‘air pockets’ for easy release so the knife doesn’t get stuck in tough foods. Weight balance is also a key part of the design, and indeed you can feel a real sense of control throughout using these carefully and cleverly formed knives.

The wooden block itself is good-looking, neat and compact - and though it lacks extras such as scissors or a sharpener, it does include a paring knife and bread knife completing the set of everything you regularly need.

Buy now £69.96, Amazon

Zwilling Ash Wood Self-Sharpening Knife Block

If you’re looking for the Ferrari of knife blocks, you’ve found it. This premium block looks and feels the part, just as the individual knives do. They’re solid, with enough weight to feel high quality and controlled but not so much that they become heavy. And the deep brown block, made from ash wood, is a classy addition to any kitchen sideboard.

It features the whole range of knives you could need - including a paring knife and a bread knife, plus a pair of scissors for good measure. The real pièce de résistance, though, is that this knife block is completely self-sharpening. It’s made with ceramic sharpening stones fitted into the knife slots at specific angles, so that you gently sharpen your knives as you take them in and out. Genius. But genius comes at a price - and just like actual Ferraris, this knife block doesn’t come cheap.

Buy now £215.98, Amazon

Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives SlimBlock – 5 Knives with Sharpener

Joseph Joseph plays host to some of the most well-thought out kitchen designs from its range of bins, to this knife set. While it may appear like your traditional knife block, the base is kitted out with a two-stage ceramic sharpener so you can always keep the blades in tip top shape.

The block is of a slim, compact size with slots to house the five included knives. So you don’t have to even remove the knives to find the size or shape you are looking for, they are colour coded for added ease.

The pairing, serrated, santoku, chef’s and bread knives are made using Japanese stainless steel and are kept in place with magnets.

Buy now £99.99, Lakeland

Gourmet Kiru Knife Set 6 Piece and Stainless Steel Block

In a sleek, sophisticated stainless steel knife block, this is an attractive countertop addition with a silver contemporary design. There are six knives included - paring, utility, nakiri, chef, bread and carving - that sit in the compact Gourmet Kiru knife block.

Slicing and dicing is a breeze with the ergonomic handles that are embellished with a diamond engraving that not only adds style points to the cooking process but also allows for a better grip. They sit nicely in the hand at the perfect weight - not too heavy to slow you down but also not too light that it feels like it may slip out of your hand at any moment. A quality product at an affordable price point.

Still undecided? The product has a 10-year guarantee which makes this a foolproof purchase.

Buy now £59.00, ProCook

Nuovva Kitchen Knife Set with Rotating Stand

The home organising craze shows no signs of wavering and for those looking to get their kitchen in order, we have you covered.

This set of seven knives and a handy pair of scissors come on a rotating stand that will elevate your cooking prowess. The forward-thinking design spins 360 degrees to make it easier than ever to access the knife of your choosing.

There’s a knife of every size - pairing, utility, bread, chef and a professional-looking poultry knife. All have been made from stainless steel with a heavy-duty design to stand the test of time and an ergonomic handle to optimise comfort levels. The stand also plays host to a sharpener.

Buy now £29.74, Amazon

Morphy Richards Accents 5 Piece Knife Block

This all-metal knife set is made from highly polished stainless steel, from handles to blade. It may look shiny, but the handles are surprisingly solid to grip and nice to the touch, with an ergonomic design ensuring easy use. The knives cut well, too - with a feeling of sharp precision and power that may not have been expected from the price. This is all solid metal cutting action and no flimsiness.

All the requisite knives are included, and it also boasts a super-slim stand - especially useful if you’re short of kitchen space, or find your counters already full of other items and appliances. Equally, if you didn’t want it on show - shiny and pretty though it is - you could fit it in a cupboard more easily than most similar blocks. An all-round great deal.

Buy now £42.95, Amazon

HOBO 15-Piece Japanese Knife Set Kitchen Knife Set with Wooden Block

If you’re a true kitchen pro, you probably won’t be satisfied with just one knife. So, if you’re looking to go all out with a wide selection for all kinds of cooking adventures, look no further than HOBO’s 15-Piece Japanese Knife Set Kitchen Knife Set complete with a stately wooden block.

Each blade within the set is forged with hand-polished edges and precise tempering, making it a premium selection that covers pretty much every need, no matter what you’re cooking up next.

Buy now £82.98, Amazon

HexClad The Essential 6 pc Japanese Damascus Steel Knife Set

HexClad is fast making a name for itself as a robust and stylish cooking brand, as loved in professional kitchens as it is for keen home cooks. Alongside its pan collection, the brand also offers kitchen knives to make slicing, dicing and chopping ingredients a dream.

This six-strong set is made from no less than 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel, which means a durable blade that promises to keep its sharpness over time.

The set has all the essentials, from the all-rounder Chef's knife to a serrated blade for bread, a utility knife, one for paring and a Santoku knife that's the one to use when you need to make fast, precise cuts. A matching green-handled sharpener is also included to keep the steel nice and sharp.

Buy now £359.99, Amazon

Best individual knives

Victorinox D828 Santoku Knife

The Victorinox D828 Santoku Knife may sound like a Japanese knife but it’s actually Swiss in origin. A knife that takes all of the stress out of quickly chopping ingredients, it features a broad construction that makes slicing through the toughest of produce effortless, without any clunky, uneven vegetables at the end. The blade also has a fluted edge that prevents food items from sticking to the blade, allowing you to quickly finish all of your chopping tasks without any interruptions.

Buy now £37.99, Amazon

Zwilling Pro chef’s knife 26cm

Zwilling is the Hugh Grant of the kitchen knife world and, if you’re looking for top quality that never fails, the Zwilling Pro chef’s knife is a staple you’ll appreciate again and again. With its triple-riveted handle and a full tang, this knife has a 26cm blade and is designed for optimum balance and safe handling.

Ever dreamt of being one of those chefs who effortlessly slice vegetables into whisper-thin pieces? This is the tool that’ll take you there.

Buy now £119.00, Zwilling

Robert Welch Signature Cooks Knife, 16cm

This is part of the excellent Signature range, which includes a very handy 14cm version if you want a smaller version. It’s forged from a single piece of German steel for strength and the handle is very comfortable. The curved blade makes short work of meat or root veg. Unlike other knives in this list, it’s safe for dishwashers.

Buy now £57.99, Lakeland

Global G-2 Stainless Steel Cook’s Knife

At first glance, you may think the Global G-2 Stainless Steel Cook’s Knife 20cm Blade is a little more spenny than you’d usually pay for a knife. But this renowned brand makes some of the best kitchen knives around and is known for its top-notch quality in the food preparation world.

This is a knife that you’ll sharpen once and never again - one that refuses any blunt edges no matter how much you use it. If you value a sharp slice, this is the best option out there.

Buy now £100.00, Harts of Stur

Wusthof Chef Knife 20.3cm

Wusthof is another popular kitchenware brand and provides a great range of premium knives for those who only want restaurant-worthy results when it comes to ingredient prep.

The Wusthof Chef Knife is a great all-rounder that can be used for chopping, mincing, slicing and dicing. For those who appreciate the little details, this knife has undergone precision forging with a 38-step process, which promises a blade that’s sharper with twice the edge retention than your standard option and it’s ready to go straight from the box.

Buy now £107.99, Nisbets

Lakeland Select-Grip Japanese Steel Chef’s Knife 20cm

Lakeland is a go-to for great quality kitchen essentials that won’t break the bank and it really shines when it comes to the best kitchen knives.

The Lakeland Select-Grip Japanese Steel Chef’s Knife features a 20cm blade and a deliciously sharp finish; perfect for chopping everything from carrots to potatoes and everything in between (except your fingers).

Made using an ice-hardened Japanese stainless steel blade with a soft-grip handle, it’s a kitchen staple that you’ll reach for every day.

Buy now £35.99, Lakeland

John Lewis Professional Chef’s Knife

John Lewis Professional Chef’s Knife is a multi-purpose chef’s knife that tackles all of the jobs in one swift movement. Its versatile size and ergonomic design mean this knife cuts through fruits and vegetables just as effortlessly as it cuts meat or seafood. Durable design elements include a tough stainless steel blade and a Micarta handle, both of which combine to ensure smooth food preparation, no matter how much of a hurry you’re in to get dinner on the table.

Buy now £40.00, John Lewis

ProCook Professional X50 Micarta Chefs Knife

ProCook’s Professional X50 Micarta Chef’s Knife is a brilliant mid-range option for those who want the cleanest cut possible without spending a fortune on one single knife.

Made from the finest German X50 stainless steel, this knife also contains carbon for a supreme cutting edge. That extra carbon is responsible for the knife’s longer lifespan, promising a smooth process that only requires a very occasional sharpening.

Buy now £34.00, ProCook

Victorinox classic paring knife

Unprepossessing, plastic blade, serrated edge…but goodness, what an edge. Very light, very sharp, very handy. Good for for cutting small vegetables. Cheap but useful. But please - mind your fingers.

Buy now £8.25, Amazon

Dunelm Soft Grip 20cm Chef Knife

Dunelm’s Soft Grip 20cm Chef Knife gets the job done without any of the unnecessary bells and whistles. Almost definitely the most budget-friendly kitchen knife around, it does everything you need (e.g. cuts your food smoothly) without costing more than the price of a cup of coffee. If you’re stocking your kitchen on a budget, this is a knife that promises to earn its keep.

Buy now £3.00, Dunelm


If you’re stocking up on the best kitchen knives, you may as well go all out with a full set. EUNA Store Boxed Set Japanese Knives is our top choice, thanks to its versatility and value for money.

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